Local polls could be along party lines: Syed Ashraf

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Currently, the law does not allow aspirants to contest under the banner of political parties but they actively participate in the race, starting from the nomination of candidates to campaigning.

The senior Awami League (AL) leader said this at a time when the Upazila Parishad polls are being held across the country.

“Why should one be barred from using one’s party’s name and poll symbol in the local government elections? Why this hide and seek?” asked the AL General Secretary on Monday at a party event in Dhaka.

He said that the media refers to political parties to identify candidates while reporting on local government elections.

“Amendment of the law is essential to make the local government bodies effective. I hope we will soon table a draft bill in Parliament on this,” said Syed Ashraf.

He said those against letting political parties play their role in local body governance were not committed to democracy.

A local government body is ruled by a single person, said the minister, adding that the elections should be held like the national polls.

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