Govt pushes country towards civil war: BNP

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The Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Thursday alleged that the government was pushing the country towards a civil war by holding elections without voters.
The BNP chairperson’s advisory council member Osman Farruk at a news briefing at Gulshan again asked the prime minister to take steps for a dialogue cancelling the ‘farcical elections,’ scheduled for January 5, to hold inclusive elections.
‘There is still time to stop the farcical elections of January 5 and take steps for a dialogue for participatory elections,’ Osman said briefing reporters on the second day of the blockade the BNP-led opposition alliance is enforcing for an indefinite period demanding the cancellation of the elections.
Osman said that people had no interest in the ‘farcical elections’ and the international community had already said that it was not interested in the elections.
He said that even then the prime minister continued to be stubborn.
Asked whether the BNP is moving at the advice of the United States as such confrontation could be noticed during the blockade after the US ambassador met the BNP chairperson, Khaleda Zia, Farruk said that the BNP reflected the aspiration of people.
He said that the BNP did not bother about what foreign countries were saying.
Farruk said that the BNP did not want confrontation and blamed the government for the confrontation.
Asked about the chief election commissioner informing the president about the full preparations for holding the elections on January 5, he said that it was needless to say anything about it.
Referring to a report published in Foreign Policy magazine, Farruk said that Bangladesh had been included in the list of 10 countries which could create instability. He said that the magazine had said that Bangladesh reached the doorstep of a civil war.

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