Take action against ‘ministers flying nat’l flag’: BNP

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Insisting that the posts of all the ministers fell vacant by Monday, the main opposition today urged law enforcers to take action if any of them fly the national flag on their cars.

“I humbly request police to take legal action against those still flying the national flag on their cars,” as, according to Article 58 (1) (a) of the constitution, the post of the ministers have already fallen vacant, BNP joint secretary general Rizvi Ahmed said at a press conference at party’s Nayapaltan headquarters today.

His call came a day after all 52 ministers and state ministers completed handing over letters to the prime minister intending to resign to pave the way for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to form an all-party polls-time government.

The ministers’ move sparked a controversy, as the constitution leaves no room for the premier to do anything about a minister’s resignation once it is submitted, according to some legal experts.

The office of a minister other than the PM shall be vacant if he resigns from office by handing over resignation letter to the PM for submission to the president, according to article 58(1) (a) of the constitution.

Reacting to this today, Rizvi Ahmed alleged that the ministers dishonoured the national flag and violated the country’s constitution by still flying the flag on the cars “since they are not ministers anymore”.

He reiterated his party’s position not to join the next general election under a political government and demanded restoration of the caretaker government system.

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