Shafique, Inu contradict over ministers’ resignation

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Law Minister Shafique Ahmed and Information Minister Hasanul Huq Inu have contradicted each other over ministers’ submission of resignation letters.
While Shafique said none of the ministers have submitted their resignation letters following the constitutional, Inu stated that the provisions were followed to the point.
The ministers made the remarks while speaking to journalists at their respective offices at Bangladesh Secretariat today.
Referring to Section 58 (1) (a) of the Constitution, Shafique said, “If one minister hands over resignation letter to the prime minister for forwarding to the president, then it will be constitutional. But none of the ministers did so.”
He said the ministers are still in their positions and they have no bar to enjoying all facilities and discharging duties.
Asked whether fresh letters to be submitted since the first ones are not tendered constitutionally, Shafique said there is no need of it. “The letters have been kept to the prime minister. They will take effect once those are forwarded to the President.”
Speaking to journalists at the ministry, the law minister described the submission of the resignation letters as a formality.
Asked whether the ministers bluffed the nation by submitting the letters, he said, “No. Not at all.”
He claimed that there is no confusion over the resignation letters and the status of the ministers.
Contradicting Shafique, the information minister said, “The ministers submitted their resignation letters to the prime minister by following the constitution to the point.”
Talking to journalists at his office, he said the post of a minister will fall vacant once his or her resignation letter is placed before the President.
“The prime minister will keep the resignation letters of some ministers for their inclusion in the all-party cabinet while the rest will be sent to the president,” Inu said.
Confusion has been running high since all the 52 ministers and state ministers submitted their resignation letters to the PM prior Monday’s cabinet meeting.
All the ministers discharged their duties yesterday and today amid controversy over their status.
They have resigned to pave the way for the prime minister to form an all-party government to oversee the next parliamentary election expected to be held in early January.

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