Manju’s JP to contest election

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A faction of the Jatiya Party, led by former minister Anwar Hossain Manju, will contest the upcoming national election, though BNP has threatened to boycott the poll if it is held under a partisan government.

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This is the first party, apart from the constituents of the Awami League-led grand alliance, that has decided to take part in the election.

“There is no alternative to election for a peaceful transition of power. We will take part in the election,” Manju said on Monday after a meeting with the leaders of 14-party grand alliance.

“To contest or not to contest the election is a democratic right. The election is necessary for constitutional continuity,” he said.

BNP-led 18-Party opposition alliance has been agitating to press for a non-party government to supervise polls. They also declared not to participate in the polls under a partisan government.

The Awami League has already started selling nomination forms for the election.

Asked about his party’s position if BNP does not contest the polls, he said, “If she (Khaleda Zia) does not contest polls, does not mean I will follow suit… I am not that helpless.”

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