India for ‘free and fair’ elections

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After UK, US and China, neighbouring India has joined the call for dialogue to resolve the political crisis in Bangladesh.

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“It is for the people of Bangladesh to chart their own future. India supports free and fair elections in Bangladesh,” Indian High Commission in Dhaka’s spokesperson Sujit Ghosh said on Monday.

The Indian spokesperson’s statement comes amidst escalating violence during strikes with the rival coalitions apparently going their own way.

Ruling Awami League wants an all-party interim government, while opposition BNP demands a caretaker government.

To realise its demand, the party is enforcing a nationwide shutdown, the third in as many weeks. But the Awami league appears to preparing for an election — with or without the BNP and its allies.

Ghosh said, in a multi-party democracy such as Bangladesh, “differences are best resolved through dialogue and peaceful means”.

“This will strengthen democratic institutions and contribute to the realisation of the goals of peace, stability and development in Bangladesh,” he said.

Indian diplomats in Dhaka had earlier called for ‘non-interference by any outside power’ in Bangladesh’s domestic politics.

They have also denied some reports as ‘baseless’ that India was trying to back the ruling party in the polls.

Media reports suggested differences between India and the US, though later there were reports of President Obama asking his diplomats for ‘more consultations’ with the Indians.

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