Keep distance from BNP, PM urges people

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the people to maintain distance from BNP and its allies and remain careful about their propaganda in the own interest and the nation as well.

“People should keep in mind that their progress happen only when Awami League remains in power. We have to go to people for their mandate and make them understand why they will vote for the party,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, BNP, if it come to power, will stop the trial of the war criminals first. Then they will resort to a reign of terror across the country as they did after 2001 election.

“BNP in power means repetition of terrorism, militancy and corruption and above all unrest in public life. They will set fire everywhere and go on kill spree,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this in her inaugural speech at a views exchange meeting with the Awami League leaders of six districts at her Gonobhaban residence here today.

Presidents and general secretaries of district, upazila, city and first- clas pourasavhas of Dhaka, Panchagarh, Rangamati, Khagrachhari, Bandarban, Barguna districts attended the meeting.

Sheikh Hasina said, the meeting was aimed at taking written opinion of the grassroots leaders about the aspirants of next parliamentary election. The opinion of party leaders will be tallied with the survey conducted earlier to take final decision about the party candidates.

Awami League presidium members Qazi Zafarullah and Nuhul Alam Lenin, joint secretary Mahbub-ul Alam Hanif and central member Abul Hasnat Abdullah, among others, were present.

The Prime Minister said, people will be able to take full meal at least two times a day and live in peace and their children will have access to education, better health service and get an assurance of prosperous life if Awami League comes to power again.

People should give vote to Awami League as poverty declines if they give vote for the party. A day labour, who could not buy two kilogram rice with his earning during BNP regime, now can purchase eight to ten kilogram rice, Sheikh Hasina said.

The Prime Minister said, Awami League has given book to student free of cost. Scholarships and stipends are being given to students of secondary and high secondary level. A trust fund has been created to support the students of higher studies.

The Prime Minister said, homeless people have got home by giving vote to Awami League. Awami League has opened up the ways of life and livelihoods of people. Farmers now can open bank account at Taka 10 and get soft loan and cash subsidy from the government through bank. Youths can get collateral-free loan from Karma Sangsthan Bank to arrange their own job.

She said, higher educational institutions and universities are being established in all districts to create opportunities of higher studies for the youths in their respective district. “Awami League has made easy the way of life of people. Students can avail internet facilities from anywhere in the country,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, Awami League for the first time in the country allowed the satellite television in private sector and issued so many licenses in its present tenure for development of private media.

People now can talk to their relatives abroad easily availing the information technology, she added.

The Prime Minister said, five crore people have elevated their position to middle income group from low income level. Per capita income of people has been increased to Taka US$ 1,044.

Sheikh Hasina said, BNP leaders laundered huge amount of money abroad. “Begum Zia herself appropriated the fund of orphans as to why she is afraid of appearing in the court,” the PM mentioned.

Sheikh Hasina said, no party but Awami League can build a hunger and poverty free country by 2021 as the party works for the people. “The country will go backward if BNP and its allies come to power,” she reiterated.

Pointing out the steps taken by Awami League since independence for promotion of Islam, she said, Awami League truly work for Islam while BNP, Jamaat and Hefajat do business in the name of Islam.

She urged the party leaders to work together to strengthen the party, go to every house, particularly to women, and reply to the propaganda of the BNP, Jamaat and Hefajat against Awami League in the name of religion.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP, Jamaat and Hefajat have taken vote in the five city corporation polls misguiding people in the name of religion. They spread false information that thousands of Hefajat workers were killed at Shapla Chattar on May 5, 2013.

Pointing out the claim of the opposition leader that police has fired 1.5 lakh bullets at Shapla Chattar, the Prime Minister said, how it’s possible to fire huge number of bullets in only half an hours.

“What would be the condition of the surrounding buildings if such a huge number of bullets are fired, and how much people should have been engaged to clear thousands of dead bodies and remove the injured persons,” she asked?

“Despite that they spread that all Imams and Moazzins were killed. As to why no Azan will be heard from the mosques and there is no person alive to conduct the janaza of Muslims,” Sheikh Hasina said.

At the instigation of BNP chairperson, Jamaat-Hefajat workers burnt thousands of copies of holy Quran and destroyed the holiness of the Baitul Mokarram National Mosque.

“One day Begum Zia must answer to the people for her instigation to destroy the holy Quran,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, BNP-Jamaat unleashed propaganda in the same style before 1996 general elections. They told that Ulu instead of Azan will be heard from all mosques if Awami League comes to power. “But their propaganda proved false later and Muslims performed their all religious functions in a better religious fervor and enthusiasm,” she said.

Mentioning the country’s political situation after the brutal killing of Bangabandhu on August 15, 1975, the Prime Minister said, at that time it was seemed that the anti- liberation elements are the most powerful political force in the country.

Terming the BNP’s last regime as an ‘era of misrule’ Sheikh Hasina said people still remember the incidents of their torture, rape and murder. “They even tried to kill me by carrying out grenade attack on August 21, 2004,” she said.

The Prime Minister said, Awami League build up food autarky for the country while BNP-Jamaat made it as a food-shortage country. “All the successes the country achieved during Awami League period were smashed by BNP-Jamaat government,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, People of Bangladesh lent their overwhelming support to Awami League in 2008 general elections out of their confidence in the party to move forward the nation towards prosperity and peace.

“After taking office, we have tried to keep up people’s expectation,” she said adding the constitution was amended with the opinion of the people of all strata and in light of the verdict of the highest court of country to safeguard the people’s power of changing the government.

In this regard she ruled out the claim of a quarter that Awami League has amended the constitution overnight without any consultation with the political parties.

She said, a special committee in this regard was constituted which conducted year-long discussion with the political parties,lawyers, professionals, judges and members of the civil society.”According to the recommendation of the special committee, the constitution was amended after threadbare discussion in the parliamentary standing committee and in the parliament,” she said.

The Prime Minister said, the Awami League government has opened up the whole world to rural Bangladesh by expanding the use of information technology. Public healthcare service has been ensured for people through establishing about 15,500 community clinics and union health centres.

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