Ballistic objects detected by Russia fall in sea: Report

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Two ballistic “objects” that Russia said were launched toward the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Tuesday fell into the sea, state-run Russian news agency RIA cited a source in Damascus as saying.
However, Syria’s early warning radar system did not detect any missiles landing on Syrian territory, according to a Syrian security source quoted by Lebanon’s al-Manar television the same day.
According to the RIA report, Russian radar detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean Sea but there was no sign of a missile strike on the Syrian capital Damascus.
Israel said it carried out a test of a missile, used as a target in a US-funded anti-missile system, in the Mediterranean on Tuesday.
The Israeli Defence Ministry said the test was conducted at 9:15am (0615 GMT), about the same time that Russia’s state-run RIA news agency reported that Russian radar had detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean.
The US Navy said it did not fire any missiles from ships in the Mediterranean.
“No missiles were fired from US ships in the Mediterranean,” said the spokesman for the US Navy’s European headquarters.
He had no further comment on the reported missile activity.

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