BNP will join elections anyway: Joy

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Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the lone son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, said that though the main opposition continues to threaten the government by issuing ultimatums, they will join the next general polls anyway.
Citing examples, Joy, in a post on his fan page on Facebook, said they have done this repeatedly in regional elections throughout the past four years.
‘At this point we don’t believe that talks will produce anything. The opposition continues to issue ultimatums and threats but will come to the polls anyway,’ Joy said.
On the much talked about ‘caretaker government’ system, the PM’s son said had been ruled ‘unconstitutional’ by the Supreme Court.
‘The Preamble to our Constitution states that Bangladesh is a democratic republic, governed by “elected” representatives of the people’ he said, adding ‘this means that any “unelected” government is unconstitutional’.
‘They (BNP) even destroyed the caretaker government system as then president Iajuddin superseded seven constitutional positions of succession to appoint himself the chief advisor,’ he further said.
On PM’s interim government system, he said ‘we made offers to the opposition many months ago on compromising on an ‘elected’ interim government system.’
‘However, at the time, our opposition repeatedly rejected any such talks and instead issued ultimatums’ he said.
Joy also rejected the opposition’s fear of vote rigging in the up-coming national elections.
‘The reality is that the Awami League has never rigged any elections. The Election Commission has conducted over 6,000 elections and all have been free and fair. It is only the BNP that has repeatedly rigged elections.’
They (BNP) conducted a rigged election in 1996 after which they were forced to resign. In 2006, they drafted a new voters’ list that contained at least 14 million ghost voters.

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