House collapse victims rescued

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Rupashibanglanews desk: Rescue workers have guided 30 trapped people to safety hours after a six-storey building collapsed on two multi-storey houses in Old Dhaka early Tuesday morning.
A youth, Johny, was injured in the incident, which Kotwali Police Station Officer-in Charge Abu Bakar Siddique confirmed taking place in Kailash Ghosh Lane of Thatari Bazar area around 9am.
Firemen and Civil Defence officials began rescue operation immediately after a building tilted, blocking the exit routes of adjacent buildings, thus trapping the inmates. According to firemen, the building is being demolished, and the workers engaged in the work are believed to have found a safe way out. The building shook several times before coming down. This provided the workers with a chance to get out of it. Owner of one of the affected buildings, Syed Masum, said demolition of the building had begun two days ago and workers had resumed their work as usual in the morning when the building started crumbling.
He said as many as 40 inmates were living in the two affected houses.
Fire Service Director (Operations) Md Mahbub said the one bearing Holding No. 19 was the worst hit, with its stairs blocked by debris and 30 inmates trapped inside.
The inmates, including the injured one, were rescued through windows, he added.
The rescue operation was called off as there were no reports of anyone missing. The work of clearing the debris will begin soon.
The inmates of the other house bearing Holding No. 18 managed to come out themselves.
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