‘97% MPs are tied to negative activities’

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rupashibangla Desk :
A research by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) says 97 percent Members of Parliament (MPs) are involved in ‘negative activities’.
It says they influence administration, control educational institutes, misappropriate development fund and even back criminal activities. The Bangladesh chapter of the Berlin-based Transparency International also says that the MPs influence the administration’s procurement decision, break electoral rules, and in many cases provide false information to get plots. The group unveiled the findings on Sunday at a news conference in Dhaka where a top official of the independent corruption watchdog said the MPs consider their posts ‘a means of profit making’.
TIB recommended passing a code of conduct bill with provisions for taking legal steps against the legislators for such breach of rules and powers. TIB Senior Programme Manager (Research and Policy) Shahjada M Akram presented the research findings titled ‘Review of Positive and Negative Roles of the Ninth Parliament Members’.
The study evaluated activities of 149 MPs –136 from ruling Awami League and 13 from the opposition. There are 27 ministers and state ministers. TIB Trustee Board hairperson Sultana Kamal, Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman, Trustee M Hafizuddin Khan were also present.
uplod 14 oct, Newsroom

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