Non-food inflation hits double digit

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rupashibangla Desk:
Government statistics show point-to-point inflation in September rose to 10.18 percent from 9.29 percent a month before in non-food sector mainly because of hiked power tariffs.
But the overall inflation fell slightly last month, according the latest data released by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). The Bureau has made this estimate taking 2005-06 fiscal as the base year.
Another statistics, taking 1995-96 fiscal as the base year, showed inflation in non-food sector was 9.95 percent in September against 9.59 percent in August. BBS Director General Golam Mostofa Kamal unveiled the findings at a press conference on Sunday at its Agargaon office.
“Inflation in the non-food sectors rose because of increased prices of power, garments, house rent, furniture, transportation, other products and services,” he said.
On Sep 20, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission increased prices of bulk power by 15 percent and retail by 17 percent. The tariffs were put into retrospective effect from Sep 1.
The BBS said inflation based on the old measure (taking up 1995-96 as the base year) showed the overall inflation coming down to 7.39 percent from 7.93 percent in August.
According to results obtained using the new method (taking 2005-6 as base year) the overall inflation stood at 4.96 percent, which was 4.97 percent in August. The BBS evaluation shows inflation in the food sector also came down in September.
It slid to 6.16 percent in September from 7.10 percent in August, according to the old measure. The new measure showed inflation standing at 1.75 percent in September from August’s 2.25 percent.
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