‘Bangladesh-model govt in Pakistan’

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Rupashibanglanews Desk:
Pakistan’s deposed Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said an undeclared government modelled on Bangladesh is functioning in Pakistan.
He suggested the parliaments in both countries were “worthless” in that they have no say in decision-making.
His statement on Thursday came months after he was unseated by the Supreme Court, which later also disqualified 11 federal and provincial lawmakers for dual nationality.
“An unannounced Bangladesh-model government is functioning in the country as decisions are taken somewhere else and Parliament is worthless. The opposition also wants such a government,” the Hindustan Times quoted Gilani as saying. The paper further said through the statement Gilani also indirectly referred to the Supreme Court’s growing influence in Pakistan.
Bangladesh is also having a problem over which organ of the State -Judiciary or Parliament- is superior and expecting an order from the Appellate Division to settle the debate this Sunday.
“When I was declared disqualified for upholding the Constitution of Pakistan, Parliament did not put its weight behind me. And now it is shedding tears at the disqualification of other Parliamentarians with dual nationality, which is of no use now,” the Hindustan Times quoted Gilani telling reporters at Lahore airport.
Gilani was overthrown by a Supreme Court that convicted him of contempt and subsequently disqualified him over not reviving graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari, who heads the ruling Pakistan People’s Party.
The Indian newspaper also reported on its website about Gilani regretting Parliament’s failure to assert its rights.
“The Pakistani Parliament should have risen to the occasion when its boss (Prime Minister) was shown the door by the Supreme Court for protecting the Constitution,” Gilani reportedly said.
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